2019 Q: goal and planning calendar
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2019 Q: goal and planning calendar

By Andreas Eklöf
Årsböcker, kalendrar och almanackor
41 pages • English • 2018

About the book

Dreams come true. We all have dreams, they are what makes life tick. They keep us moving forward. They keep us growing. Dreams makes us think new things, in new ways and for better reasons. Dreams helps us to set goals - which gives us a good life. 2019 Q - goal and planning calendar helps you to reach your dreams through goals - quarter by quarter. 2019 Q includes goal documents, weekly calendars over a quarter with daily hourly indications of time, an economy plan, a weekly year plan, a yearly overview and more. Many successful individuals have found that writing by longhand the things you think and the things you will do is invaluable - especially in our time where everything is digital. The mental aspect of writing longhand strengthens concentration and drastically increases our probability to reach our goals. Writing ones goal down on paper clarifies and gives direction for your brain to reach the them. Think about it; if your goals are important enough to write down on paper, you tend to reach them. The satisfaction that comes from reaching one goal feeds the will to reach the next goal, and the next goal. Even small goals motivate us, building momentum and will to reach bigger goals. To be offered the opportunity to write your goals down and then be able to check them off, one by one, is incredibly satisfying and you can start using 2019 ENG any time of the year. So, feel free to use 2019 Q and see your goals being reached - one by one. Feel free... Andreas Eklöf


2019 Q: goal and planning calendar
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