A good life: First wrong then right
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A good life: First wrong then right

Av Andreas Eklöf
Hälsa, relationer och personlig utveckling
120 sidor • Engelska

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Josef Abram grew up in a small town with a hard working single mother, drow himself deep down in a pit in life and asked for help - and found it. And it was greater then he ever could imagine. The clock said 00.30 and it knocked on the door. Josef got up suprised from the bed. "That is weird, everbody knows that I sleep at this time at night. Yes, even on Fridays." He got dressed and put on his cap to try to hide his head that now only had a few hairs left. This had been going on a few years and started in the beard with small empty spots. Now, all facial- and head hair was gone. Even eyebrows, eyelashes and some gone on arms, legs and chest. Josef opened the door and there were his landlord, and closest friend too, through these turbulent years. The landlord said; "Now, take your clothes off." "What," Josef thought, "what in the world is this?". Quickly he closed the door and locked it, even though the landlord lived next door with keys and everything. It was time. "That is enough".



Andreas Eklöf


A good life: First wrong then right
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