Exercise and Training Physiology
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Exercise and Training Physiology

Av Jens Bangsbo
Sport, idrott och friluftsliv
0 sidor • Svenska • 2011

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Do you want to know about the physiology of exercise and training but are daunted by the science? This book provides you with facts and advice explained in a simple way. Ever wondered how EPO works? How to improve your running economy? Why we get fatigued? How aerobic training affects muscles? This latest book by Jens Bangsbo answers these questions, and many more. Especially relevant for coaches and fitness trainers, but useful for students and anyone with an interest in exercise and training, the book simply and systematically explains the basic physiology of the body systems and processes important for exercise and training. Evidence-based, and supported by the latest research findings, the book demystifies the science behind efficient training and is applicable to all sports. The learning tasks that accompany each chapter reinforce the material presented, making the book a valuable educational resource. The final chapter discusses the exciting new research on how incorporating bouts of intensive training into a program can significantly reduce the amount of training required and markedly improve performance!



Jens Bangsbo


Exercise and Training Physiology